Bruno spirit

Bruno spirit​

Instinctive skier, passionate about snow sports and the beauty of nature, Bruno has more than 25 years of professional experience in the high mountain environment of Zermatt. He gained his experience by running down the slopes of Europe, North America and traveled the world to live his passions.

He has the highest level of national formation and is an international snow sports instructor. No aspect of the ski world has any secrets for him: through the development of ski equipment to the management of a ski school or as a trainer for top athletes, Bruno has skiing in his blood and will teach you with passion. Skiing and sailing are not as remote as one might think, this is why Bruno has a Offshore license as a skipper and is on the roads as a sailing coach.

At ease in all snow conditions, on all slopes he will make you discover his passion. Skiing offers moments off grace and pleasure whatever your level, Bruno is a skier as well as an educator and you will quickly progress. With patience he will transmit his passion wether you are a beginner or advanced skier on the slopes or off-piste. Having the curiosity to go where others don’t go, expert in off-piste skiing, he will make you discover isolated corners of Zermatt.

Off-piste skiing is unpredictable

Never trust the mountain. One must always stay alert, not be loaded by the beauty of the landscape. With his vast experience of the mountain, he will know when to say no, if the conditions are not good, in order to ensure your safety. Mountains do not move and you can always come back when the ideal conditions arise.

Safety comes first and thus Bruno will assure you pleasant runs, free in your mind so you can recharge your batteries. Bruno does not take any risk with his clients, their safety comes first. If there are laws that are unavoidable, those are the laws of the nature and only when respecting them one can achieve a feeling of freedom.

Each client will have the opportunity to go beyond he’s limits whatever his level, Bruno will take you beyond these limits, not only to progress but especially to fill your head with beautiful the memories.

Bruno works for several Hotels and have ski and snowboard rental shops contacts. He will be there to advise you in the equipment if necessary. He will organize the day as you wish: whether you want to be guided in the beautiful skiing resort of Zermatt, eat at fine restaurants or go skiing in Italy, Bruno will be of good advice so that you can enjoy having fun.